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A casual game of destruction

Merge Hooks is a free casual game in which the simple objective is to cause as much destruction as possible with just a few clicks. As you use harpoons and explosives to blast cars, you'll rack in treasure and prizes.

Like Merge Master and Towing Squad, Merge Hooks belongs to a genre of casual games based on merging. As you buy new tools, you'll be faced with a question — do you merge them together or bulk court your arsenal?

Smash the cars, clear a path

Merge Hooks takes place on a grid with the player's harpoon guns at the bottom, a few dozen cars in the middle, and prizes at the top. Your job is to position your harpoons and then click the "throw" button. The harpoons will then start smashing through the cars and potentially clear a path to the prizes.

Merge harpoons for more strength

The basic green cars take little time to destroy, so they won't pose a problem. The challenge comes in the levels that add new, tougher cars to the grid. In these cases, you will need to spend points on new harpoons, which can then be merged together into stronger harpoons that can tackle tougher cars.

Unlock items

As you progress, you will unlock new items that will appear among the cars in the grid. These include ice cubes that grant you more powerful harpoons when smashed and rockets that destroy adjacent cars. These make it easier to earn points and so, by extension, to add more harpoons.

Addictive to play

Although Merge Hooks lacks challenge, it is nonetheless addictive. There is a simple appeal in plowing through the vehicles, blasting away as much as possible to claim the prize. The regular additions of new explosive items with different effects prevent the game from getting too repetitive.


  • Simple and addictive
  • Wide variety of items
  • For all ages


  • Basic graphics

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